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Truck Buddies aren't typical DC movers. For the most part, they are professionals either between careers, or guys with an entrepreneurial streak who want to contribute to the creation of a new business. They have numerous other career opportunities, but they choose to work with MTB because of the mentally and physically challenging work. It may just be for a season, but they enjoy the opportunity to work with different people every day, and the very real possibility of getting on board with a great DC Move company "on the ground level" before things get REALLY big.

Truck Buddies have included journalists, a photographer, a basketball/football/golf coach, an IT wiz, and a published author. Some of them inexplicably want to leave the exciting world of transportation logistics by getting their masters degrees in things like project management, marketing, and officer candidate schools in various branches of the military.

We all share a "service mentality," which is my short-hand way of saying that we strive to be the kind of problem-solving buddies that'll bring you a gallon of gas when you run out, no matter where you are. To be a "Truck Buddy," you'll drop everything to come to the aid of not only your customer, but your other Truck Buddies. This ethos is put to the test every day, and we're extremely fortunate to work with -- and rely on -- such guys. You will be, too.

You pack, we move

MTB is a "you pack, we move" kind of DC small moving company, which is designed specifically to offer customers more choices at dramatically lower moving costs. Specifically, we offer:

Peace of mind.
When you hire MTB, you are working with a great group of guys who collaborate WITH you on your DC move. Unlike most of the larger moving companies that charge a higher rate and load up the project with hidden fees, Truck Buddies are there to work with you to provide the fastest, safest, most efficient and economical move possible.

Budget Control.
You can use our services for as much or as little time as you need. Just need a few hours to move the big stuff? Just need a little help loading or unloading a rental truck? Our simple, low hourly rate structure is completely transparent -- you'll always know what the total is up to at any point of the move. Note: there are never any hidden fees -- ever. 

Faster moves.
"You pack, we move" means a faster DC Move for you. One reason traditional moving companies are so expensive is that packing services add many extra hours of time to the job. It's common for movers to pack larger homes the day before the move, sometimes doubling the cost. With our system, you pack at your leisure, thereby reducing the amount of time you need to use our services.

Lower costs.
With our competitive rates, transparent pricing, and flexible customer services, we're able to keep the costs as low as possible for you AND keep our lights on!




I will say here what I said on Yelp: This company is awesome. Not only did they arrange to arrive earlier than planned, but they were polite, efficient, and interested in doing both a professional and a timely job--which saved me money.
Dave G.

This may, indeed, be one of the most well deserved five star streaks on Yelp. When it comes to labor, you generally get what you pay for. You can forget about that maxim with my Truck Buddy where you'll be getting a lot more.
Jaclyn S.

AWESOME. This is by far the best moving experience I have ever had. And I've moved about 20 times, so trust me, I know what a bad experience looks like.
Kim B.

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Need boxes or moving supplies?

  We recently purchased the DC franchise of RentOurBoxes.com. We loved the service, and it's awesome for our customers too -- cheap, sturdy boxes that fit in our trucks extremely well. Click here for box and moving supply information.

Ikea Runs back on!

I recently moved to a town far, far away, and that town has an Ikea right on my daily commute. So, if you need something picked up from Ikea, give me a call and I'll be happy to stop by Ikea and get it for you! (And get some breakfast.) Click here for information about our Ikea runs!

How'd I get into this? It's an interesting story...

 I didn't come to Washington to start a moving business. It just sort of happened... (More)

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